Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Two vessals contains equal amount of water and beer. 1spoon beer is added to water and mixed well. From this mixture 1 spoon is added to beer. Which of the liquids is more pure ?

Blaise Pascal

Seventeenth century the golden period in the history of mathematics. During this period lived some of the most famous mathematicians from Europe who had created revolutionary findings. Most of the development from central Europe was from Paris. One of the Significant names among these was Blaise Pascal. An extra ordinary Genius of his time, he was the youngest person to be invited to present his paper in the prestigious forum of Scholars of the time, which had later turned to the Paris Academy.


The most famous mathematician from India is Aryabhatta. He is popular all over the world for his most famous book called 'Aryabhateyam', which he had written when he was just twenty three.

Find the number

Which is the smallest number, with which if you divide by 10 you get 9 as reminder, divide by 9 you get 8 as reminder, divide by 8 you get 7 as reminder and likewise upto if you divide by 2 you get 1 as reminder ?